A Shadowed Stars short story by Steven Koutz


The small freighter ship sat silent in a secluded area of the jungle planet, Matrel, located in the dead region of wild space labeled as the Dezilize System. The silence around it was broken as the lower cargo door is opened. Two thick muscular human males with shaggy but short beards approached and entered the freighter. They drug with them two of the planet’s inhabitant race.

The Matrasus were chained and manacled. Like the Matrasus race of this planet, they were well built physical forms and naked except for their orange short haired fur and its feature of black tiger stripes. One of the captives was a female. In addition to her tiger striped fur covered body, she had long brown hair at the top of her head that ran down just passed her shoulders. The male captive had just a few long strands of white hair at the top of his head.

The Matrasus captives were lined up for inspection by the human female that entered the cargo area from an upper level of the starship and by her demands left no doubt of who was in charge of this small crew. She was extremely sexy in her own build with a skin-tight black leather body suit that contrasted her long and wavy blond hair. The two human males addressed her as the Catcher.  She passed by and around each captive multiple times. She reached out to the female and tightly clutched the chin with one hand and closely examined the sharp feline teeth. At the same time, her other hand felt the extremely firm breasts of the female Matrasus that she had just now dubbed, Sazara. She was presented with a snap of the teeth and followed by a strong hiss in response. The Catcher remained unphased. Her hand lowered and squeezed the muscular tone flesh with little body fat. She went further and felt the hips and upper legs before inserting her fingers into the vagina region. The female Matrasus responded with another snap of her teeth and followed by a roar instead of a hiss this time. The Catcher then smiled as she moved onto her male Matrasus captive. She claimed that his new name was now, Stuzz and did the same examination on him and even fondled all the massive features of his groin area. A low and steady growl was his response. He followed with a few short roars stating something in the Matrasus language that she could not translate. She was impressed with the thickness and the size. She declared that both captives would fetch a high price for physical labor and sexual performance on the slave market. Her eyes again drifted to the male and she again reached out to hold his large ball sack and penis in her hand. She stated, “I would like to try this one first. Have him chained to my rack in my quarters.” One of the males mentioned in an interrupting tone that there was another female that had eluded their raid. The Catcher turned her admiration away from the male Matrasus but kept her palm against his muscular chest. She then repeated her orders for the male captive and added that the female captive be locked in a cell. She followed with an order for the silent human male to keep the ship secured. She instructed the other to follow her on the mission to retrieve the escaped female and any others in the region. She added that their enslavement ship could carry ten and she wanted a full load. The other male human retrieved his weapons and followed her out from the cargo door as it closed behind them.

It was an early morning in the jungle and just after a fresh light rain. The human male led the Catcher to where the other female Matrasus had fled. The Catcher, despite the light rain had managed to pick up a trail. She instructed her male enslaver companion to have energy weaponry set only to stun. She then led him down a narrow thick tree flanked jungle path. The leaves were large and the other jungle growth was thick. The Catcher put out a flat outstretched hand to halt her companion in her tow. She looked downward to her right and noticed a flattening of thick lower leaves and ground cover. It was like a narrow tunnel at the base of the jungle cover. She stated, “Our prey went through here.”

The Catcher had readied her energy rifle and set it to heavy stun. She then used its long barrel to clear what she could of the large leaves, vines, and other vegetation from her path. Her male human companion followed her as they were forced to hunch over as they traversed through the dense covering. She halted suddenly and her companion followed. The Catcher was honing all her senses. The normal jungle sounds of other animals had ceased with her deep and hardened focus. She stated in a low whisper, “She is here.” As soon as the words were spoken, her male human companion was suddenly snatched and quickly dragged backward through the rustling brush. His screams of agony echoed all around.

The Catcher had turned and followed the flattened vegetation to the narrow trail where they had begun their diversion. The male human was left there with ripped clothing and deep claw marks across his chest. He took his last breath as the Catcher stood to her feet over him and observed the bitten open jugular. She then heard roars that seemed to originate all around her but her well-trained senses could tell it they were from one Matrasus clearly adept at manipulation to provide the deception of more. The Catcher remained unnerved and screamed out that she had two other Matrasus in her ship and that their lives now hung on her surrender. A vine then dropped in front of the Catcher with her other male companion from the freighter wrapped tightly in it with the same claw marks and throat ripped open by a deep bite.

The Catcher then heard more roars and growls, in what this time sounded more like the savage Matrasus language identified by many outsiders as matrasui. The Catcher then called out, “I will recatch your obviously freed savage friends after I catch you, and your new name on my enslavement roster will be, Bitch!” Another sound behind her caused the Catcher to turn and fire her rifle into a thick vine covered tree. The stun shattered a hive under the vines and a swarm of three-inch black wasp-like insects flew outward at their unsuspecting assailant. The wasp-like insects bit more than stung. There were hundreds of them that sunk deep bites into the Catcher. She dropped the rifle and raised her arms in defense as the swarm dissipated around her guarded posture. The bites were deep and painful. As the swarm cleared and The Catcher raised her head and lowered her arms, two slashing claws struck her face and a powerful kick sent her to the jungle ground. The short haired tiger lady Matrasus stood naked over her fallen form. The Catcher quickly retaliated with a gas spray from a device on her wrist. The light mist of gas caused the Matrasus female to stagger backward but the rain had countered the effect of the obvious and familiar sleep gas. The two women now stood face to face as the new rainfall intensified its downpour on the jungle around them.

The female Matrasus spoke in a rough growling tone with broken common language, “Bitch of yours I not. I Aga. I not be slave to you or no one.” The Catcher lightly stroked the open wounds from the claws that had slashed her face. She then suddenly initiated a leg sweeping action that Aga had leapt over in an evasion maneuver. Aga swung backward with another open claw but the Catcher had displayed her own battle readiness with a dodging action. The two women stood again facing each other briefly. The Catcher dove forward and again, Aga leapt over her forward lunging charge. Aga landed on her bare clawed feet and turned quickly as the Catcher halted her forward lunge and turned as well. The Catcher was met with Aga’s pouncing attack that took them both to the jungle ground. The pounce would have placed Aga on the top and superior position but the Catcher being a veteran combatant of several fighting styles had used the momentum of Aga’s own pounce against her and sent the two of them into a roll on the wet jungle surface.

Their body roll halted with the Catcher on top and delivering solid punches that fell downward on Aga along with the heavy rain. Aga managed to block the last few and forced the Catcher off her with a strong animalistic rage and strength. The Catcher rolled away and quickly from out of the roll, rose to her feet. Aga now had the advantage with her feline body form and sprung upward with her own lunge. She took the Catcher back down and they each displayed exceptional tumble actions as they each again quickly raised to their feet. The face off did not last long, as Aga’s superior agility again allowed her a straight and powerful pounce. This time she landed on top of the Catcher and followed instantly with her teeth locked deep into the Catcher’s jugular. The Catcher pulled downward on the long blond hair at the top of Aga’s head. She forced a break but Aga had torn away a massive amount of throat and the Catcher clutched at the open bite struggling to hold the wound close and to even breathe. The Catcher staggered to her feet as Aga rose slowly to match position. Aga’s savagery had been fully triggered and she dove in with claws and teeth that tore through the black leather and opened the Catcher’s midsection as well. The fury in Aga’s eyes was fire as she continued to claw deep inside the ripped open body wound and upward under the Catcher’s own chest. The two met with the stare of their eyes that were only inches apart. Aga made one final hiss that revealed all her sharp teeth and pulled the heart from the Catcher’s body. She held it tightly in her right clawed hand as the Catcher’s body fell straight to her feet. Aga looked at her fallen opponent and then to the heart with still a slowing beat. Aga bit into the human heart that was tightly clutched in her clawed hand. Her future and her freedom for now was secured.


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