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The following story takes place after the events at the end of book 2 the Reign of the Black Guard


Cody, a werewolf like race called a Canian, has been transformed into a being of pure light energy. His image remains the same except for his once long shaggy fur, now transformed into what appeared as crystal shards. The barks and growls from his language of caniast have taken a reverberating tone. He has adapted the ability to construct by sheer will a sphere of light around himself and now zips through the stars to search for the stolen Books of Prophecy. Books written by prophets that tell the past, the present and the much dangerous future of the entire universe. Mortigan had taken many of the books and placed them in the care of a human officer of the now collapsed Black Guard. Cody had promised the former being of his light, a former Protector of the Universe that he would find and return the books to the God Planet.

His quest has brought him to the home planet of a ghost and phantom-like race called the Sippy. The planet is Lillisfol. The small Black Guard assault freighter had entered the planet’s atmosphere just ahead of Cody’s arrival into the system. He took a slow position at the far orbit of Lillisfol and began to monitor communications on the surface.

On the planet a being with a hood and gloves but no head or limbs floated through the air just above a rocky surface. He was followed by a former Black Guard officer, Captain Everren and two former Black Guard soldiers in full black armor with dark blue boots, gloves, and visors. They all holstered a heavy blaster pistol on one hip, a small black axe on the other, and a black whip wrapped around their legs. The phantom creature pointed to a cave as the former Black Guards passed by it him and entered the cave with only the lights activated on the shoulders of their armor to guide their way. The former captain unslung the large satchel from his soldier as they approached a computer. He opened the satchel and pulled out four thick books with the logo of an eye inside swirly lines. The binding of each book had coded letters and each side of the book opposite its binding had a metal clasp. The former captain opened the clasps from one book but found it impossible to open the pages of the book. He faced the same effect with the other three. Prophecy had said that only prophets, gods, and those deemed destined by prophecy could open the books.

The computer then turned on and through the flickering screen was the image of skull faced Teon. The image appears as a human skull but he is a Teon and he was addressed by the former captain as Fright Agent Maddo. The male Teon corrected the former captain as he restored his rank. He claimed to no longer be a fright agent but the leader of the Fright Agency, a militant group of scavenged power that has risen from the remnants of what was once known as the Black Guard.

Captain Everren declared that he was entrusted with some Books of Prophecy before Mortigan had succumbed to the darkness and before his demise. Maddo’s skull appeared even eerier as his jaws and teeth moved when he spoke. He inquired of their location. Captain Everren confirmed they were at the secret post on Lillisfol. Maddo claimed that his flagship, the Horro was too far out. He did though state that he would send a special commando team known as the Whisper. They would arrive in a piercer, a combat shuttle design, complete with hyperspeed. He stated that he wanted the Books of Prophecy secured until the Whisper could retrieve them. The communication became suddenly jammed.

A light seemed to burn through the cave ceiling and from the light came a blinding sphere. Even with the protective face visors, the former Black Guard soldiers were forced to shield their eyes with Captain Everren. The sphere landed and dispersed. From it stepped the lighted crystal shard version of Cody. The soldiers were the first to recover fully from the blinding light. Captain Everren could only see a blur coming at them and instructed the soldiers to open fire.

Both soldiers drew their heavy blaster pistols and fired several blaster bolts that seemed to deflect off the lighted crystal Canian body that approached them. Cody raised his two hands and fired intense and burning light that pierced the Black Guard armor. The beams shot straight through the armor and the bodies as the two soldiers that had fallen motionless with searing circular wounds through their chests and backs. The Canian of pure light stood straight and looked toward Captain Everren. His eyes grew even brighter and his razor-sharp teeth appeared as razor sharp crystal daggers as he unleashed a savage snarl.

Captain Everren showed no fear as his vision had cleared. He drew his small handled black axe with a fireman’s style head and charged at Cody. Cody intensified the light of his body. The glare blinded Captain Everren’s vision and the light burned at his exposed skin. He was forced to halt his charge and collapsed to his knees but had thrown his black axe with precision. If Cody was a normal Canian the fireman’s style blade would have pierced his chest. He was now though a Protector of the Universe with special powers to allow him to accomplish that task of protection. His hand did grab the black axe that had already been heated by the light and it disintegrated away from his clutch.

Captain Everren recovered as he fell forward on the cave floor. The light emitted from Cody dulled in intensity. He then raised his hand toward the four Books of Prophecy. A lesser light projected from his open palm and onto the books. Captain Everren crawled quickly toward them but as he was mere inches away when the books vanished. Captain Everren screamed out, “Nooo!” He then rose again to his knees to look at the brightly glowing eyes of the lighted Canian form. He told Cody that the Black Guard may be gone but a new force called the Fright Agency would fill the void left behind. He then quickly drew his heavy blaster pistol again. Cody erected a shield of pure light energy around him but Captain Everren turned his aim from Cody and fired the blaster bolt through his own head.

It was some time later that the sphere of light landed on the God Planet. It faded away as all the gods of all the various races in the universe watched Cody walk by them and place the four Books of Prophecy back into the vault. As Cody exited the vault, it sealed behind him. Each god was then flanked by their heralds; guardians, mongers, enlighteners, wrathers, angels, carriers, and many more. Cody walked past each of them and found that they had encircled his position. He turned to the old bearded human man, a giant green female serpent creature, a humanoid with eyes that covered his face with long hanging cobwebs for hair, and a glowing aura. He told them that there were still more books to find. He stated that Mortigan had sent the stolen books with many messengers. He then added that he would locate and return them all. He stated that when he was done, he would complete one last heroic deed but then expected these powers he had to be stripped away. The sphere of light again constructed around him and carried him into the sky and atmosphere. It then flew from the God Planet and into a hyperspace portal that closed behind it.

THE END…. Sort of

Cody’s future, the Fright Agency, and the Whisper commando Squad will be revealed in the 4th book coming next in the Shadowed Stars saga: Remnants. Soon to be in editing by Page Publishing.