Halloween is my favorite day. I treat it as a full holiday. I love it so much that I celebrate all month. I have never worked on Halloween or the day after. I decorate the house if not the last week in September, then on October 1st. I choose a costume a year ahead of time and will wear that costume as I walk around town. I have never worn the same costume twice for Halloween. Some costumes take a year to complete. The example of that was my Star Wars Tusken Raider / Sand Person costume. I bought four different costumes and took the pieces of each that I liked the best and crafted my Tusken Raider. The Tusken Raider costume had become the most expensive costume to date but it had always been the costume I wanted. My favorite costumes though have also been of the villains. I like to play games as bad guys and I love watching and rooting for the bad guy. I have been Freddy Krueger, the Riddler and Negan. I still want to be Darth Vader, Joker and Deathstroke yet and my favorite five will have been done. This year of 20220 though, I have pieced together the most acceptable to me Black Mask costume. I also make several batches of popcorn and have multiple pizzas and wings ordered as the Traditional Halloween meal. The day of Halloween is the beginning of the main month movie marathon that runs into the morning of November 1st. I also structure the Movie Marathon. It begins with the last episode of a horror television series that I had started to watch throughout the month. The next movie is an older low budget double feature. My favorites are usually next, Oculus and Wrong Turn are watched every year. I will then adjust and throw on an old classic black and white horror movie. The newest dvd horror releases are then scheduled. There is also a horror movie series that is stretched out throughout the day and night. I also try to schedule board and miniature games throughout the month and one on Halloween. Games like Horrorclix, Halloween, A Touch of Evil, various other horror themed games and as in costume, the games are picked a year ahead. I love Halloween because it is a full sci fi / horror themed day. I hope all my fans have the best Halloween.